Not Your Typical Organ Donation

One of our church friends called the other day, saying she just couldn’t bear to toss the last bits of the church organ they were replacing, and might we be interested in taking a look? How could we resist – (husbands roll eyes here, but they never read our posts so we’re safe ;)) We do confess though, (get it, church pun fun), we’re a little stumped as to what to do next…

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Designing With Street Signs

Designing with Street Signs, door

Sometimes things turn out better than you expect – I was beginning to wonder what the heck I was going to do with the $60 worth of street signs I had piled in the basement. Turns out they don’t work so well for magnetic boards – since they aren’t magnetic. “What now?” we asked ourselves, (I wasn’t the only one with a basement stash of them). We decided to experiment by making a street-sign-collage-clad door for access to my attic. The location is basically out of sight in the house – you know – just in case it didn’t work out so well…We started with the the giant hole in the wall which had been covered by 2 planks all winter (bye bye heating $$) –

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Mosaics Tile

I’m looking for backsplash ideas. After 7 years of living with an a-l-l-l-most finished kitchen, I think it’s time to finish it up…

I have an area in the kitchen that can stand alone and be different from the rest of the design, so my thoughts turned to mosaics – specifically those that re-use broken pottery or dishes (keeping up my Seattle eco cred). It’s a design idea that can easily turn tacky so I wanted to do a bit of research – see if I could find a few good examples. We found a great project at Bradner Gardens Park, Seattle, located inside the public restrooms!  Here are a few photos of these super creative mosaics in the women’s side – I think the boy’s side has spiders…

Kudos to the artists Joyce Moty, Liz Cross and Gyda Fossland!

tile for mosaics - bee tile for mosaics - butterfly tile for mosaics - cricket tile for mosaics - beetles

tile for mosaics - dragonfly