Seattle Handy (Wo)man Service


A few weeks ago at the Phinney Neighborhood Home Fair, we met Amy, of “AmyWorks“. Amy is a licensed contractor in Seattle and she and her crew offer a variety of home maintenance/repair services – bathroom & kitchen remodels, painting, decks, tiling, and on and on.

Two services Amy offers we thought were extra helpful:

  • She will fix something AND teach you how to fix something.
  • She offers workshops on a variety of topics. Amy said that if you have a group of 5 or so, she would lead a workshop in any topic you choose. Cool!

So much to learn, so little time.

Gift Ideas – 11 Artists We Love

We spent an afternoon cruising the aisles of the Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle last weekend.

It was inspiring to meet so many talented people and to see their amazingly creative work. Plus we had some holiday shopping to do and there is nothing like handmade and/or local to counteract the frenzy going on all around this time of year.

Visit their sites by clicking on the photo, and even order some things if you likey, too :). We vouch for the quality of all that we’ve included in this post. Have fun surfing…we did.

craft- vases2craft- book binding2craft- walletcraft- ag mancraft- toyscraft- radios.craft- ostrich pillowcraft- soapcraft- letterpresscraft- robotcraft- guitar straps

Bargains in Seattle!

Railing design, Interior design, fir railing, craftsman

Monica’s railing made of Dunn Lumber “odd lot” fir

It’s a new year and if you’re like us, there are a few (dozens of) unfinished projects hanging around your house.  Maybe this is the year to get them done…  Optimism!  It’s good for you!  If you’re game, here are some of our favorite bargain resources in the Seattle area:

  • Fir Millwork (trim) & Flooring:  Dunn Lumber at North Lake Union, Seattle. This location carries what is called “Odd Lot” fir and if you love VG Fir you better beware- in the warehouse is an entire aisle of “seconds” from the wood mills.  Anything from flooring to 4X4’s.  Great prices, small defects!  The shipments to Dunn are random, so call ahead to verify stock. 206-632-2129.  Bring your list of dimensions and exact lengths!
  • Appliances:  Albert Lee has a tremendous selection of very nice appliances ( Viking, Miele, Fisher-Paykel etc ) – if you are not subject to a schedule you can shop their twice yearly “Warehouse Sale”, usually held in Ballard. Call for the exact date 206-282-2110.  Be early, I went at 3:00 am, OK – a bit too early…overachiever…
  • Appliances:  Albert Lee and Sears both have scratch and dent locations, Boeing sometimes has super employee discounts ( check with Boeing ), and give a call to  Direct Buying Service Discount, 206-623-8811.
  • Cedar, Specialty Woods, Huge Millwork Selection (+ custom), Matching Old Siding:  Blackstock Lumber, 206-284-1313.  Incredible depth of knowledge and all around great place.  Also has a seconds rack in the warehouse- you never know what you might find!
  • Almost all Lumber yards and construction supply stores have areas where you can buy a damaged piece of drywall ( if you don’t need a 4X8 sheet ), short sticks of trim, small pieces of plywood, etc.
  • Ballard Reuse:  One of our favorite haunts for interesting bits of hardware, metal, lighting, old house parts, and wood with character/history.  Need a bit of bowling alley and a church pew?  One stop shopping here.
  • Second Use:  Another fave, primarily used house parts, but can also carry overstock of new materials or seconds.  They usually have great tile and some new wood flooring.
  • Habitat for Humanity Store:  Huge.  Differs from the others in that they carry furniture and far more new materials. Our hunch is they receive lots of overstock and seconds.
  • Demolition:  Remember, if you are demoing be sure to recycle everything you can- you will save $$$ and resources- a win-win-win!  It’s amazing how little will need to go to the dump. Wesuccessfully gave away all the old lumber – nails and all!  Try posting your demoed materials on Craigslist- you may be happily surprised.  Second Use and Ballard Reuse offer handy salvage services, see their websites.