Purging: It ain’t pretty.

Taking a load of donations to Goodwill.

This is one of the reasons we started Hammer Like a Girl – helping each other with yucky projects/tasks like this that we put off until the pile threatens to fall over and hurt an unsuspecting passerby.

Before: The pile in my basement. (I’m not proud of it.)




Next time we will take a recycling trip: the plastic bottle tops will go to Aveda, the Styrofoam and peanuts to Ikea, the pvc pipe to RE-Store, and the used batteries to the local Hazardous Waste Site.


We worked out a little system to make this project not so painful. Monica documented the items on a list (for tax deduction purposes) while I went through and bagged stuff up. When we dropped the bags off at Goodwill they gave us a tax receipt which we stapled onto the list – when tax time comes along it will make my life easier when I need to itemize. When it comes to taxes, I need all the help I can get.

How do you purge? Would love to hear tips!

Designing With Street Signs

Designing with Street Signs, door

Sometimes things turn out better than you expect – I was beginning to wonder what the heck I was going to do with the $60 worth of street signs I had piled in the basement. Turns out they don’t work so well for magnetic boards – since they aren’t magnetic. “What now?” we asked ourselves, (I wasn’t the only one with a basement stash of them). We decided to experiment by making a street-sign-collage-clad door for access to my attic. The location is basically out of sight in the house – you know – just in case it didn’t work out so well…We started with the the giant hole in the wall which had been covered by 2 planks all winter (bye bye heating $$) –

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