Make Gift Wrap from Old Books

We made several sheets of this gift wrap for the holidays and it was a hit, so here’s a quick how-to tutorial. Change the color scheme and it can work for any occasion throughout the year. GiftWrap_Box

Project: Sew pages of a book together with contrasting top-stitch thread and roll on ink with a brayer to create unique, recycled gift wrap. We used an old encyclopedia and pulled out pages that related to people’s interests – the music section for our musician friend, printing press section for our graphic designer friend, and the biography section for our literate friend. Continue reading

Recycle all your Styrofoam at IKEA!

Look at what we just found! IKEA has this fabulous recycling station. It’s located inside the main garage, just outside customer service (can’t miss it). It’s FREE and accepts materials from other companies.

IKEA recycling station for customers! Styrofoam packing, bulbs, cardboard etc

Bulb recycling can be tricky to decipher– IKEA makes it easy by including drawings, text, and separate bins. Note: In Seattle they do NOT recycle the long fluorescent tubes… but they DO take broken bulbs (they really do love us). Continue reading