Seattle RE Store to Close

Update. Ballard Re-Use has taken over the business, same location, same great people. You can visit them online here, Ballard Re-Use. Hurray!

We just learned that the Seattle RE Store is closing on May 31. They’ve posted a brief statement on their website that says they are going to focus on their Bellingham location.

This is really sad news – they are a great organization doing really good things in the community.

Some reasons we will miss them:

  • An in-town treasure box, packed with local history to pick through and incorporate into your home (flooring, lockers and slate chalkboards from a demolished high school; cabinets and freestanding closets; classic windows, doors of all shapes and sizes; long, long, long old growth planks of beautiful wood from the bygone days.)
  • Their staff with a good sense of humor are willing to help with finding just the right thing.
  • A near-by place to take used building materials rather than throwing them in the landfill.
  • Knob, hinges and hardware for just about anything.
  • A fun outing if you are obsessed with sustainable and functional art.
  • The cats lounging on the cabinets.
  • The weird and wacky restroom, decorated with weird and wacky objects.

In memory :(  here are some projects we’ve done with pieces from the RE Store.

See more of Heidi’s artwork at Old Stuff. New Stories.


Field Trip – Recycled Art Show

Yesterday we took a quick field trip to the Laura Frost Gallery in Ballard to see the Recycled Art Show sponsored by RE-Store.

There are some really cool pieces – pictured below are a few examples. Stop by if you have a chance and support our art community. The show is up until May 8th.

Oh, and did I mention I have a piece in the show? It would be great if someone could buy it so I don’t have to take it home.

More press:


See more of Heidi’s artwork at Old Stuff. New Stories.

Do It Yourself Kitchen Island

Our kitchen is pretty small, lacking counter/storage space. I looked around for a portable “island” “peninsula” or even an “archipelago”, but couldn’t find one affordable/unique. So of course I went to Hardwick’s, our local funky hardware store swap shop. It is an amazing place, filled with anything you might need – old & new tools, hardware, kitchen ware, plumbing supplies and old furniture. You (I) could spend hours there. I found an old stand from a drill press. It was perfect – small footprint, storage (drawers and doors), and best of all, it was hand-made by some old guy once upon a time, complete with his measurement/pencil markings on the inside. It was mine mine mine for $20.

I took it home and everyone said, “what?”. I was a little discouraged. But I cleaned it up, and went searching for a more substantial top.  At my other favorite store, Second Use Building Materials, I found an amazing, thick limestone countertop remnant that just fit. Lucky lucky lucky. I think it was about $20 or so. It was very very heavy. I’ve never attached it to the base, but probably should with “Liquid Nails.”

I wanted casters on this thing, because if I could, I would put casters on everything I own.  I was looking for big chunky ones. It is hard to find a matching set of 4 at a salvage yard, so I got them at Home Depot. They were silver metal with rubber wheels, I painted them gray with metal paint. I installed the casters, painted the cabinet a dark charcoal grey and took some sandpaper to it (another thing I like to do to everything I own).

One thing I’ve always obsessed about is organized spice containers. The little drawers are a perfect size for little tins. I made some labels and stuck them on. Now I am very organized, or at least my spices are.

I am very happy with the additional counter space/storage my little island/peninsula provides (although “some people” in my family think it gets in the way, but I don’t listen to him).

See more of Heidi’s artwork at Old Stuff. New Stories.