Hallway Color Makeover

At one time, I thought having red in the hallway would add life and spark. The palette from a stir stick view seemed to be a good choice.


Lesson Learned: If there isn’t natural light available you’ll need a lighter color than you might think. In fact, less color just might be better. That doesn’t mean you should never choose rich bold colors. It’s all about the light. Continue reading

Updated Mantel: Plaster Repair and Painted Tile

Terra cotta tile on wall and on fireplace mantle, before.

Before: Terracotta tile on wall and on fireplace mantel.

Fireplace mantle with wall tiles removed and mantle tiles painted.

After: Fireplace mantle with wall tiles removed and mantel tiles painted.

A while back, we began a project at my house to paint the living/dining room floors. As often happens, there was scope creep –  before we could paint the floor, we had to rip out the wood stove and remove the wood stove hearth and lay tile for a new non-ugly hearth. As long as we had crowbars in hand, we removed the ugly terracotta tiles that were attached to the wall above the mantel.

We were left with a huge area of plaster that needed to be patched, plus there was a significant vertical crack above it from the house/chimney settling.

Wall after tiles removed.

Wall after tiles removed. Hmmm, looks a little frightening.

We did some research online and went with the simplest repair method. We can’t claim that it was the best/correct/most authentic way to go, but it turned out just fine. Continue reading