Painting Techniques – Wall to Ceiling

The truth about me is, I hate taping before painting (aka “masking off”). I find it tedious and my paint always always always bleeds under the tape – therefore – tedious and useless! However, I love a good straight paint line, so what’s a girl to do? I cannot pull off the free-handing that the pros show so beautifully online. I’ve tried the funky tools for cutting in the walls to ceiling joint (messy, ineffectual), painting up against a straight edge (bleeds), tiny paint brushes (the worst!) and patience (sigh).  I’ve given this a lot of thought, probably way too much if I’m honest – but I think I’ve found something that works for me, and just might work for you too. It’s my favorite strategy of drawing on the walls…

Here’s my latest painting technique for the (nearly) perfect straight line, plus a few tips at the end:

  • No coffee until I’m finished painting ( I know! Sorry!)

I gathered these tools:

  • Lots of good light – I used shop lights, flashlights and a headlamp. The headlamp plus shop lights was the most useful.
  • Water-based paint and stir sticks
  • Good ladders, because a trip to the ER is no fun!
  • Drop cloths (old sheets are great, double up if you need to)
  • A good Purdy nylon angled 2 1/2″ brush (or so)
  • The lovable “Handy Paint Pail”
  • Wet, lint free rags for wiping off errant paint
  • A small putty knife, for wiping off errant paint in tight corners (wrap your wet rag over it)
  • A tiny paint brush from the kid’s art supplies, for impossible spots
  • My reading glasses for magnification
  • A good headlamp (bears repeating!)
  • A pencil to draw on the walls with. Either a colored pencil that closely matches your paint or a hard lead pencil, maybe 5H or so. Never use a pen, it will bleed through.
  • A pencil sharpener
Painting tools

The basic painting tools

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