Patio Fire Pit: Re-purposed Scrap Metal Box

Roasted marshmallows, smores and warmth out the back door. SWEET!

I had a rusting scrap metal box that Heidi gave me when she and her husband decided to purge some of their….treasures. Lucky me! She originally got it at one of our favorite spots, ReStore. It sat in her garage for a couple of years and then literally sat up-ended in my back yard for another 6-7 years. Getting more and more beautiful with exposure all the while. Continue reading

Outdoor Pathway Ideas

We’ve been capturing photos of paths, stone walls, stairs and walkways that inspire, delight or absolutely impress us.

We’ll update this series as we collect more and more images. We are eager to see what you are finding and hear what you think, too.

Posted August 5, 2012

We found the above beautifully created path in a private Seattle garden. How did they do it? Isn’t it awesome?

Posted July 28, 2012

How easily do you think this path was to create and install? Likely more challenging than it appears and we’re certain anything begins to look intentional and beautiful once the plants start growing in. Double Dog Dare you to give it a whirl :) Continue reading

DIY Arbor Fence

There was a rental house to the north of my house. The yard was weedy and overgrown or worn down depending on what was going on over there. I wanted to be able to walk to my backyard and gate without cringing. But, I didn’t want a “wall”.

This was the view of my house from the north.

I kept a photo library of fences and arbors that I liked. With those pictures close by and with the help of my pals we designed an arbor type fence for my front yard screen. The main idea was to make sure it had shape/dimension and use plantings to create a “soft” screen rather than an unneighborly wall.

The completed arbor before planting anything.

I used amber colored glass post caps and did not make it one continuous fence.

Continue reading