Coaster Art from Tree Branches

(This appeared as a guest post last week on Mod Podge Rocks.)

Here is a fun and easy project if you ever come across a downed or pruned branch – coasters made from tree branches. When stacked on their base on your coffee table, it becomes a mini-sculpture.

The Project: Stacked coasters made from branch slices with concentric circles of ephemera applied to the surfaces. Coasters are drilled through the center, and are stacked on to a metal rod which is attached to a thick branch base.




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Mod Podge a Salvaged Window

We always see cool, old, beautiful windows – whether in salvage yards or being given away along the curb. It is hard to know what do with these great old relics – a person only needs so many greenhouses! We found a way to re-purpose a window into a “vintage” sign with coat hooks, using Mod Podge (of course!) and clip art.

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Upgrade a Table Top

This project originally appeared as a guest post on Pretty Handy Girl a couple weeks ago. (So if you have a vague feeling you’ve seen this before, you just may have.)

Update Table Top with Steel and Mod Podge®


I had an old Ikea table top (that was basically like a hollow core door) that we used for a work surface in our office. It sat on top of an old table I found at a garage sale. It was all looking pretty shabby, and there was nothing chic about it.


Old table top and table base (+kitty), before.

First I painted the table base a dark charcoal gray, then together with my girlfriends, Mary Jean and Monica, we grabbed my grandmother’s old dictionary, a jar of Mod Podge®, flat bar steel, galvanized bolts and washers, and went to work on the table top. Continue reading