Chalkboard Polka Dots

Here’s an easy and inexpensive idea for using chalkboard paint in a limited area on a wall in a child’s room – confine it inside a painted shape. I used dots, but the shape could be anything –  flowers, animals, spaceships….. It works best if the shapes are a little loose/imperfect. Continue reading

Ribbon Art Holder

This idea is originally from my friend Tami. It is a simple and inexpensive way to display artwork, prints, photos, cards, or a myriad of other things you may have sitting around. The ribbons could be hung from a dowel – I used a branch because of the bird theme of the cards.

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Fancying up Plain Curtains

Years ago, I made some curtains from some inexpensive muslin for a temporary fix to cover an opening to a storage area. We weren’t using those curtains any longer and when my daughters needed curtains for their rooms, I thought I could just re-use them. But they wanted more color/fun, so I ended up sewing ribbons and buttons as a border on the bottom to fancy them up. It was pretty easy and probably self explanatory from the picture, but if you want a little more detail:

  • buy fun assorted ribbon in your favorite color palette at local fabric/craft store
  • arrange in a pattern you like on your curtain. (I did horizontal stripes, didn’t worry about getting them straight/perfect.)
  • pin, leaving enough ribbon at the ends to turn under.
  • sew perpendicular across the ribbons every 2″ or so. You don’t have to be precise. Extend stitching beyond the ribbon, top and bottom.
  • sew buttons top/bottom where the stitching ends.

You can vary this is in so many ways – use folded up fabric or bias tape instead of ribbon, go vertical instead of horizontal, use any color/pattern of curtains, etc… wow, I’m kind of exhausted from thinking of all the possibilities really.

~ See more of Heidi’s artwork at Old Stuff. New Stories.