Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I have a small living room, “charming and cozy” in real estate lingo. My smart architect friend, Kevin Richards of Richartz Studios, suggested I hang a mirror opposite a window to reflect views from our garden into the space – making the room appear larger. This appealed to me, as I like big mirrors, so off to IKEA I went with Heidi and Mary Jean (and our styrofoam for recycling!). Here’s what we came home with, the Songe mirror, 3′ X 4′ – unfortunately the wrong color….

But that’s OK because I have my favorite little jar of paint and some cheerful helpers –

– and we got it done in no time flat! No prep, not even a quick sanding…because sometimes we girls are impatient…

Done – one of our easiest projects yet, and it really does open up the space with reflected light and green, thanks Kevin!

I’m wondering if this magical paint trick will work on my paint encrusted door hinges – or if it will chip off with use – maybe we’ll give it a try next week…

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