This Plus That Equals: Industrial Coffee Table

We found these HUGE casters at Second Use (where else?) and immediately thought “coffee table”. (Actually what I immediately thought was that the husband would kill me if I brought home another big metal piece of randomness – like this and this and this.)


8″ diameter industrial casters.



Planks from RE-Store, planed.



Old Gas Can from Habitat for Humanity.


See more of Heidi’s artwork at Old Stuff. New Stories.

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This Plus That Equals: a Side Table

This is the first post in a new category where we show little photo collections of some of our projects. The intent is less “tutorial” and more “look at things differently, you never know what can go together to make something new and one of a kind”. Enjoy and please let us know what you think! We love feedback.


Steam table, on its way to the scrap metal yard. Stripping it of its silver paint revealed iron legs and galvanized body/shelf. Removing the screwed-on top revealed a solid copper lining (like a silver lining only better).



Old Douglas Fir lumber from Second Use Building Material.



Old set of hinges, from a gate we removed in our backyard.



Finished side table with hinged plank top for access to storage.

See more of Heidi’s artwork at Old Stuff. New Stories.

Our Project Gallery – Take a peek!

We are a fan and follower of the Pink Toes and Power Tools blog.

Loved her post about creating a visual library (project gallery) of past projects.  It’s so much more intuitive and fun than filing through text links. I’m a visual person so, a sucker for a picture any day.

Have a look by clicking “Our Project Gallery” up in the black bar next to FAQ. Kudos to Heidi who did the lion’s share of the work pulling it together!

Well, I’ll be honest here. Heidi created the whole lion. There was no sharing. ;)

Heidi after creating the gallery. Sleepy.