More Functional Art

I’ve been working on some more functional art for Matter Gallery in Olympia. It was fun working on the pieces and a little hard to hand them off  – like saying good-bye to your children. Check out their shop either online or in person, Olympia is full of interesting places to visit!

You can see more functional art here.

To see more of Heidi’s artwork, visit her at Old Stuff. New Stories.

Field Trip – Recycled Art Show

Yesterday we took a quick field trip to the Laura Frost Gallery in Ballard to see the Recycled Art Show sponsored by RE-Store.

There are some really cool pieces – pictured below are a few examples. Stop by if you have a chance and support our art community. The show is up until May 8th.

Oh, and did I mention I have a piece in the show? It would be great if someone could buy it so I don’t have to take it home.

More press:


See more of Heidi’s artwork at Old Stuff. New Stories.

Upcycling a Vintage Motion Picture Case


Vintage motion picture case – cleaned up and used for photo display and storage.

We found these cool old motion picture shipping cases at Second Use Building Materials. In fact, they had quite a few – check it out, there may be some left! We made this one into a case to display & store vintage photos.

See more of Heidi’s artwork at Old Stuff. New Stories.

Mod Podge a Salvaged Window

We always see cool, old, beautiful windows – whether in salvage yards or being given away along the curb. It is hard to know what do with these great old relics – a person only needs so many greenhouses! We found a way to re-purpose a window into a “vintage” sign with coat hooks, using Mod Podge (of course!) and clip art.

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Make: Lamp from Tripod and Lampshade from Ductwork

I know I said a few weeks ago that we were going to get started on utilitarian house projects soon. Well, not quite yet… because first we had to make this old tripod into a floor lamp. And here’s Monica, reading the paper by the light of the finished lamp (when she should be caulking or doing something useful!).

We found this old telescope tripod at 2nd Use Building Materials. It was very cool – a silverish patina on the wood, with black metal details. Our friend Cliff said “Hey, you should make a floor lamp!”. Ok, that sounds more fun than caulking any day. Continue reading

Covering Lampshades

After taking a summer “hiatus” from house projects, we were finding it hard to get motivated to start tackling real projects on our houses – like caulking leaky gaps, repairing a broken window pane, sanding/cutting/sealing/finishing 30 pieces of window trim….. SO, we decided to ease into it with a totally just-for-fun project: designing and covering pendant lampshades. (It is our way of procrastination.)

An easy and inexpensive way to spice up some plain white lampshades – print a design onto dictionary pages and glue them to the shades.

I wanted some fun lampshades for the 3 pendant lights which hang at the top of the stairs. I bought 3 plain white Ikea shades, long ago, thinking that I would do something with them, so it was time to dig them out and actually follow through. Design-wise, I wanted something warm and funky. So…. I did what I always do in a situation like this: got out my Gramma’s old dictionary and called Mary Jean and Monica. (There are people in my house who are starting to fear that soon every surface will be covered with dictionary pages.)

I’ll show you how we covered the lampshades here, but you are going to have to find your own Mary Jean and Monica. ;o) Continue reading