Gift Ideas – 11 Artists We Love

We spent an afternoon cruising the aisles of the Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle last weekend.

It was inspiring to meet so many talented people and to see their amazingly creative work. Plus we had some holiday shopping to do and there is nothing like handmade and/or local to counteract the frenzy going on all around this time of year.

Visit their sites by clicking on the photo, and even order some things if you likey, too :). We vouch for the quality of all that we’ve included in this post. Have fun surfing…we did.

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Embellish your IKEA chandelier

Here is an easy way to embellish a standard IKEA candelabra – suspend colorful, fused-glass pieces with wire from the frame.

This was a very simple project that was done by our school kids for the annual auction – isn’t it great?! (I can say that because I didn’t actually do it)  :) Continue reading

Craftsman Trim

craftsman interior, craftsman wainscot, craftsman fireplace

This week we are excited to feature a very special guest posting by two friends who specialize in the restoration and design of Craftsman homes. Ellen Mirro and Howard Miller are both associated with The Johnson Partnership, a local Seattle architectural firm noted for their architectural, historic renovation, and low impact “green” services. They have graciously written a short piece for us on Craftsman trim, a very distinct and traditional style of trim found in many Seattle homes of the early 1900 vintage. We hope you enjoy it!

Continue reading

Pallet House, Garden Shed, or?

Check out this Pallet House by I-Beam Design! Continue reading

Hanging Pallet Garden

The Flower and Garden Show, Seattle, February 2012
Seems like lots of us keep trying to find a use for the humble pallet! I like this one– it’s not stuffed with plants so you can see the rough wood/plant contrast, the long leaves give more dimension and interest, and it’s hanging which somehow makes it more appealing.
Wondering how to make it? These directions from Life on the Balcony seem reasonable. I would add a board across the bottom, to hold the soil better.
What Can Go Wrong:
I did a little research regarding pallets. I started with an inquiry at Washington Toxics Coalition, one of my all time favorite resources. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • Pallets can pick up contamination or bacteria during their travels so be cautious  of oily, moldy, or excessively dirty wood.  (food prep table, kid’s toys– no!). QA
  • Pallets made for international shipping must be either heat treated (HT) or fumigated (methyl bromide, used infrequently). They will be stamped or branded with a mark of compliance (MB or HT). Wikipedia

What Can Go Right:

  • Pallets made for domestic shipping are heat treated only and will bear an “HT” stamp. (No chemicals used) I’m looking for these!
  • Only a few percent of the pallets used for international shipping are treated with methyl bromide (MB).
  • It’s best if you know where your pallets have been.

So, be an informed up-cycler – do your homework, check the stamps, and use for appropriate projects!

The garden was designed by Native Roots Design
Found the photo posted on a great blog called danger garden.
Check it out. It’s worth a look if you are a gardening junky.