Monica had quite a few yards of beautiful, roughly woven, natural, cotton fabric which she inherited from her seamstress/weaver great-aunt. She kept this in her basement waiting for inspiration to strike.

In an unrelated post a while back, we wrote about some cool brass stencils we found at Earthwise. They were originally from an old granary in eastern Washington. Monica talked about waiting for inspiration to strike before doing something with them.


Inspiration did indeed strike Monica, genius that she is, and she put the two together and came up with the idea of making stenciled pillow shams. Continue reading

Gone Fishing

We are having a hard time keeping up our regular posting schedule during the summer. There is family, vacations, soccer, swimming, popsicles, raspberries, awesome weather and heck, we are in the pacific northwest…we gotta get out there when the getting is good! We’ll be back to our old selves when school swings back into session in September.

We hope you are having a good summer, too.

Outdoor Pathway Ideas

We’ve been capturing photos of paths, stone walls, stairs and walkways that inspire, delight or absolutely impress us.

We’ll update this series as we collect more and more images. We are eager to see what you are finding and hear what you think, too.

Posted August 5, 2012

We found the above beautifully created path in a private Seattle garden. How did they do it? Isn’t it awesome?

Posted July 28, 2012

How easily do you think this path was to create and install? Likely more challenging than it appears and we’re certain anything begins to look intentional and beautiful once the plants start growing in. Double Dog Dare you to give it a whirl :) Continue reading

Drawing Game

We haven’t been doing very much work lately, it has been way too nice out and it is summertime! We spent a few days camping out with the kids in the beautiful San Juan Islands.

Beautiful sunny San Juan County Park, San Juan Islands, Washington. We saw a pod of Orca whales from the beach – so cool.

A fun thing we did to pass the time (without any electronic devices!) was a drawing game, rules made up on the spot. It was really fun and thought we’d share: Continue reading