We Are Shifting Gears!

It’s 2015 and we are in the midst of some exciting transitions over at “Hammer Like A Girl”.  We are inviting you to come along.

Heidi is focusing on creating functional (and not so functional) art.

“I’ve been slowly realizing how important it is for me to create art and so I’m looking forward to focusing on that. Please check out my new blog, “Old stuff. New Stories” at HeidiFavour.com. I would love to hear from you as I free fall into this new adventure.”

Mary Jean is off supporting her family.

“Although I’ll miss our weekly “get-togethers”, house projects and lunches, I’m certain that focusing on my family is where my heart leads me at this point. Keep following Hammer Like a Girl and check out Heidi’s blog, too. These are two women who continue to amaze me every day.”

Monica is still hanging out at Hammer Like A Girl.

“I will miss my girlfriends, our lunches and jokes and wish them the best of luck! I plan to continue to collaborate with friends and professionals, write about recycling and creative re-use in design, green ideas and DIY. I hope you will follow both our blogs, linked by a love of the “urban forest” – foraging from our beloved second hand stores and street corners.”

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