New Year’s Resolution – preserve my kid’s art!

Paper Mache Animals 1

Before my kids graduate from high school I should probably get a start on preserving some of the adorable, one-of-a-kind art projects they’ve brought home over the years. Things are getting a little (very) dusty plus starting to fade and become brittle. I decided to experiment with a Mod Podge protective coating thinking that it might preserve my favorite pieces and maybe even restore them a bit. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I had a couple of questions:

  • How would Mod Podge react with the ubiquitous water based grade school paint, ie: would it cause the paint to bleed or run?
  • What about the other staple of childhood – construction paper – might it disintegrate or tear from the moisture of the Mod Podge or even the stress of my paintbrush as I applied it?
  • Would the colors be significantly changed or deepened?

Happily, everything went really well and I had no issues at all (when does this ever happen??!) In fact, the Mod Podge strengthened the more-fragile-than-wet-tissue-paper wattle under the chin of one of the animals, hurray!

Paper Mache, kid art projects, mod podge


You will need:

  • Mod Podge Matte or Gloss, depending on your preference (I chose Matte)
  • An applicator, I used an inexpensive and small paint brush
  • Newspaper or other to protect your work surface

kid art project, mod podge, seal art

The process is simple, dust or clean your object first, test a small area for compatibility (no smearing or other problems), then apply a coat of Mod Podge. I’ve learned (the hard way) the value of letting coats dry completely between applications, so I waited 24 hours before adding the second coat. The results are fantastic! These little creatures look better than ever, their child-like character intact, a bit sturdier from the glue, and a slightly glossy surface that I can maintain. I now have heirlooms I can pass down to my children – actually on second thought, I might not be able to part with them ;)

kid art project, mod podge, seal art

kid art project, preserve kid art, mod podge

This post originally appeared at Mod Podge Rocks Blog. Check it out for more great crafting ideas.



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