Farmer’s Market Booth Display

This is a little side project that I did for our friends who own a blueberry farm (Hunter’s Moon Organics). They are going to participate in local farmers’ markets and were in need of a display table, shelves and pricing sign for their booth. Using salvaged materials, this is what I made:


This is very similar to the tabletop we covered with dictionary pages. See that post here.

This table needed to be portable and easily dismantled, so to keep it light, the table top was made with a hollow core door from Second Use Building Materials. The legs are old metal saw horses, with glue-laminated beams uses as the supports. It all comes apart easily.

The top of the table is covered with cut-up brown re-enforced mailing envelopes and are glued them down with Mod Podge. The farm’s logo was printed large (in sections) onto the brown paper and positioned so only part of it appears on the top of the table. The outer edges are framed with flat bar metal and secured with galvanized lag bolts/washers. The top is coated with 2 coats of exterior Verathane, for easy cleanup.

Tiered Blueberry Display:

The tiered displays are made from old fence wood, sanded, and finished with Profin.

Pricing Chalkboard:

This will display the pricing and upcoming events at the farm. It’s made from an old school chalkboard, found at a yard sale. The “Local Harvest” type is printed on old magazine paper and Mod Podged onto a yardstick and secured with nails top/bottom.

These pieces will be used in combination with a canopy with banners with the farm logo. Can’t wait to see how it all looks together – we will keep you posted!

To see more of Heidi’s artwork, visit her at Old Stuff. New Stories.




5 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Booth Display

  1. Today is one of our last outdoor farm market days downtown, October they move indoors and fewer participate, mostly because there’s not much farming here under mountains of snow HA. Your friends must have been really tickled with the results. I’d love to see it all set up too. I’ve always loved putting together displays and get some opportunity at the Urban Scrapbook. The chalkboard was an awesome addition, much more down-home than a whiteboard. Do they have a website too? Maybe with recipes? Yum !

    • When do you start to get snow? I’m originally from North Dakota and I remember it snowing in August or Sept or something ridiculous when I was little. It melted of course, but winters are harsh there. (why I moved to Seattle)

      It looks like Hunter’s Moon doesn’t have their website up yet, but here’s their facebook page: Claire and Hal are amazing – they are planning to branch out into hard cider and other products.

      Does the Urban Scrapbook have a website? That would be a very dangerous place to work. I would end up owing them money at the end of the month.

      • Wellllll, snow can come just about any month…LOL but typically, it melts by mid May and then returns usually by Nov 1. It just cooled off mid-day today. I went to work in the sunshine and wore a sundress and sandals and then left work in the wind and 7C or 44F, LOL. Some rotten arctic thing blowing in for a day. Then back to seasona.

        I linked over to Claire and Dan’s FB Page and saw their booth. It all looks fantastic! (hey, just watching Chrissie Hynde on Conan, she’s sounding great).
        Urban does have a website and blog. Here’s a link to their blog, today we’re hi-lighting our October Challenge. Each Staff gets a kit with all the same stuff as each other. Everyone makes their own page or this month it’s a project and they’re all displayed together.

        Ps, you know I do spend a lot of $$ there but at least I get the discount and the owners are a dream. Everyone is super fun and creative, xK

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