Up-cycled Bookends from Salvaged Brackets

Bookends cleaned

We were cruising the aisles of Second Use the other day and came across some really cool, heavy industrial brackets – cast iron we think? More truth about us: we can never resist interesting metal stuff – so for $5 it was added to our stash. We stopped by Daly’s Paint and quizzed them about primer and paint – the goal was to get a heavy coat on the bracket as if it had been dipped in a super thick, semi-glossy, paint which would then contrast with the rough and industrial nature of the iron. Alas, no great way to make our paint thicker – but we did have some older water based paint that had thickened on its own due to poor storage technique (what can we say) and the color was nice, so – Bob’s your uncle.Bookends primed

First step – prime with a rust treatment paint/spray. We wanted the top 1/3 to remain unpainted so masked it off and then sprayed 2 coats of paint. We sprayed lightly, hoping to avoid drips, and let it dry overnight between coats.

Second step – applied the paint. The thicker finish was harder to achieve than we thought, so after 4 coats we decided that was enough. Again, we applied the paint thinly to avoid drips, and occasionally had to wipe off wet paint and touch up.

Bookend close up

A couple of rubber dots on the bottom and we were done. Now, to Read!

Bookends completed

11 thoughts on “Up-cycled Bookends from Salvaged Brackets

      • We may not have the same taste – I’m on a Jewish track right now, some of it American (Heller and Roth, I found I Married a Communist for R5 at the library book sale), with some British Jewish humour coming in from Howard Jacobson (I gave a copy of Zoo Time to my ex-husband for his birthday, with the intention of getting it back as soon as he’d finished it). The Finkler Question is even funnier, in my opinion.

  1. Your design choices are always so out of the box. So much more fun and unpredictable to only paint half. I haven’t given as much time to reading as I should but I did enjoy ‘The Glass Castle’ and ‘Half Broke Horses’ both by Jeannette Walls. The first is written in the voice of a young woman who has crazy artistic bohemian parents. They live a rather nomadic live and never fit in at school. I loved both so much.

    • Thanks Boomdee, it’s fun to have a simple project some days! And more thanks for the book recs – I’m in need of a few good reads right now. Still stuck inside some days. Spring is here one day and gone the next, I head out with both my rain hat and sunglasses…

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