Not Your Typical Organ Donation

One of our church friends called the other day, saying she just couldn’t bear to toss the last bits of the church organ they were replacing, and might we be interested in taking a look? How could we resist – (husbands roll eyes here, but they never read our posts so we’re safe ;)) We do confess though, (get it, church pun fun), we’re a little stumped as to what to do next…

Our thoughts:

  • Use the large piece as a table, encasing it in black angle iron similar to Heidi’s bathroom counters and shelves  and then topping with glass. Then you could peer in and see all the interesting gadgets and perfectly written miniature notes by the organ mastermind…It is seriously cool.
  • No more thoughts. That’s all we got.

What would you do??

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12 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Organ Donation

  1. mmmmm….are those ‘U’ shaped post/terminals (( ?? thingies )) copper? Copper is pretty valuable metal to salvage and sell (bandits here steal telephone wire and all kinds of things for it). Hard to tell if there’s any ornate bits to recycle, I guess the woods probably pretty solid. My friend Alys from Gardening Nirvana had a guy build a Little Free Library House for her from scrap lumber. Have you heard of the program? It’s spreading like crazy. If I anything else comes to mind, I pop back. Hubby’s eye roll….LOL. They are good at that :D

    • I wondered the same thing about the post/terminals…and I’m not sure…I need to take a closer look. Yes! The library houses are popping up all over, so awesome! We have a new one on our block and I am duly impressed with my neighbors. We’re planning one for Heidi’s hood with a green roof :)

      • There’s a TON of sterling silver in there. By my estimations, you could salvage 300-400 dollars of sterling and 50-90 dollars of copper. But it’s a lot of work dismembering it. Did one a few weeks ago that was smaller than that one. My 2 cents.

  2. Glass topped table sounds good. Would definitely be a key feature of any room. (see, I can also do it!) If YOU can’t think of anything else to do with it, I certainly can’t. I guess you could leave it as it is and mount it on a wall and call it art? Or you could strip out all the little bits and use it as shelves for your antique bobbin collection? Or you could spray it gold? Sometimes when something’s gold it’s easier to think of possibilities. For me, anyway. :-)

  3. P.S. The frame on mine was mahogany. Check yours. I’m making diddly bow guitars out of it.
    You have enough to make 10 guitars and sell them as well.

      • This is the prototype. You too can build a custom slide guitar which requires zero training to play. The perfect gift for those incapable of figuring out what to do with their hands. Hammer on………

      • Forgot to answer. In Snohomish. We found you while looking for a picture of those hammer magnets. I forgot to take a reference shot when gutting mine. I gathered 397 grams of sterling silver. Each little finger is silver. Virtually all the non-ferrous metal on that thing is either copper or silver. I’m getting a good deal of inspiration from your projects. Keep up the odd work. My greatest hope is that I not become a crazed coot with yard art sufficient to upset city council.

  4. Just rolling thru to see if I’ve missed any projects (I’m so behind….as usual HA) Darrel’s video made me go, “WOW” and then laugh like mad because it’s a butcher knife and a wrench he’s using to play…LOL…now that’s ‘home grown’. It’s one crazy looking unit, that’s for sure. I saw this piece of art in California that was a tornado made up of colourful wire. Kind of looked like a giant wind sock shape. I took a photo but now I can’t find it, maybe I deleted it. I see the organ has a wack of wire…..something for the kids to do all summer? LOL.

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