This Plus That Equals: Industrial Coffee Table

We found these HUGE casters at Second Use (where else?) and immediately thought “coffee table”. (Actually what I immediately thought was that the husband would kill me if I brought home another big metal piece of randomness – like this and this and this.)


8″ diameter industrial casters.



Planks from RE-Store, planed.



Old Gas Can from Habitat for Humanity.


See more of Heidi’s artwork at Old Stuff. New Stories.

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One thought on “This Plus That Equals: Industrial Coffee Table

  1. Well what does your hubby think of your coffee table now? LOL, most households it goes the other way around. The men are collecting stuff for future projects, you guys rock!

    The wheels look 110 % better in the ‘After’ picture. How did you clean them up? With just soap and water or some rubber cleaner or Armor All ? They almost look new. I like the use of the gas can and I would have never thought of that. But of course, thats why your finished projects are so darn interesting, unique and one-of-a-kind’. You seem to have a way of picking out the unusual stuff and doing ‘just the right thing’ with it. Looks like you’re using it outside. How’s the lumber holding out? Our best friends at the lake are Roy and Karen…I need to look for some of these coasters (The insignia is R&K on the Alloy part)

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