This Plus That Equals: an Industrial Wall Sconce

Instead of preparing for the holidays, I thought it would be more fun to make a light fixture. I found this old enameled sign at Second Use Building Materials a while back and never  quite knew what to do with it. Then last week, I was looking online and ran across a cool light bulb cage (for only $6), and all of a sudden a light went on in my head. (Ha!)


Vintage enameled sign, from an old stove (I think!).



Lamp supplies – cloth covered cord and protective cage are from 1,000 Bulbs. The cage arrived with a shiny finish. To remove that finish and darken the metal, I soaked it in vinegar. Our house smelled like pickles, but the great patina that resulted on the steel was worth it!



See more of Heidi’s artwork at Old Stuff. New Stories.

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5 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals: an Industrial Wall Sconce

  1. Very cool wall scone. I like the font they used back then on ‘Vesta’. It seems to me they might have been promoting the oven as ‘modern’ the way the ‘V’ has a swoosh in it. I guess modern kitchen conveniences would have been really expensive then too.

    I’m always blown away by what comes out of your recycled item. I would never have though about that in a million years. I’d see it and maybe pick it up and say to myself, “now those hammer girls would make something cool out of this thing”. Then, I might ponder over it….and then I’d move on because I have enough back burner projects. LOL

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