This Plus That Equals: a Side Table

Ten years ago, we made the mistake of planting 3 Leyland Cypress trees (too) close to our house. We wanted to create a screen between our house and our neighbors. The trees turned from a cute hedge that provided dappled shade and privacy, to a 40 ft dark forest that shaded out our entire backyard. Usually we are tree huggers, but in this case we turned into tree cutter-downers.

After we spent $600 to have the trees cut down, I thought the least we could do was to commemorate them with a small side table (a $600 side table).


Leyland Cypress slab left over from our logging project.



An old metal (maybe welding?) stand, picked up at RE-Store.



See more of Heidi’s artwork at Old Stuff. New Stories.

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8 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals: a Side Table

  1. What the heck, how’d I miss this awesomeness? I was thinking this morning, hey? What are the Hammer Girls up too, so quiet! So I wandered over and see your wonderful table. I fancy the ‘7’ on there too, adds that bit of ‘je ne sais quoi’ You always seem to know whats going to look great together. Do you usually hit it right out of the gate or were there bases you thought about but didn’t work? Like, maybe a broken ol’ tire jack or old rusty fender you found on a roadside, LOL. I know when I’m crafting up things, I change my mind a dozen times before settling on one thing, HA.

    Those Leland Cypress sound like fast growers, I’m going to hit that link. Although Cypress generally will not survive here. Too bad they didn’t work out, but great save and now you have a fun story to go with the furniture. Happy Holidays if we don’t connect before the big day! xK

    • Wow, murder! I knew it was a nasty tree, but that is tragic. There’s road rage and there’s tree rage I guess.

      It’s true, we have been slacking a bit on posting lately – hopefully we will back at it after the holidays. We are doing stuff, just being lazy about taking photos and writing about it. Sometimes (most of the time) it takes more time and effort to put a post together than it does to actually do the project. And it leads you to think, hmmmmm, is it worth the trouble? Do you ever feel that way?

      I have admit that I had to look up ‘je ne sais quoi’ to see if I should thank you or be insulted. :) Knock on wood, things usually turn out generally as planned. I spend a fair amount of time (usually when I’m trying to go to sleep) going over details in my head so I’ve got things pretty planned out. Then there is the times where things just happen – like that “7” … there was a gap in the bark that needed to be filled and I looked around and thought, ok, how about that 7?

      Enough rambling, but do tell me how you keep up the energy to post on a consistent basis.

      • Oh hey, you bet, Blog fatigue is real, I hear you there. Prior to July, I was dedicating much more time to the process. This November I did 3 posts, last November I did 21.

        I used to put together a lot of posts between 9pm – 2am but have made a commitment to going to bed at a proper time, so there’s way fewer posts.

        For me, the time cruncher was answering messages and making sure I visited their blog too. So, if I don’t have time to do that, I’d rather not post. Plus, on a Blog like your’s, there’s so much more involved in a post than mine. I mean, you’re re-tiling kitchens while I putter around on a scrapbook card, LOL.

        So, to answer your question (I do blab on), I figure, if there’s someone who enjoys your site, they’ll have a fun visit no matter if it’s 3 times a month or once every other month, it’s just suppose to be for fun. As they say, “I know where you live”. I always see something fun here and love your humorous delivery, WHENEVER you have something going on. Cheer’s! Have a great Holiday xK

  2. PS, Gads, according to Wikipedia, there has been a murder in the UK over a Leyland Hedge because it was too tall….you may have saved your own lives :D Just when you think they’re so civilized with their tea time and all…LOL

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