Our New Delta Faucet – Hands Free!

Recently we were invited to attend Delta Faucet’s 2013 Maker/Blogger event, and they surprised us with a gift of their latest kitchen faucet design, the “Pilar” with Touch2O Technology. We’ve installed and used it for a month now, and here’s what we think:

Delta-Faucet (so easily) Installed

It’s graceful.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let me show you how much we like our new faucet! It’s smart: works with the touch of your hand – a touch turns it on and off. A magnetic catch keeps the hand-held spray firmly in place. If your kids leave it running, it will turn itself off. If your Mother-in-law is not so tech savvy, she can use it just like any other faucet – no special instruction required. (I just have to say, my M-I-L is super tech, you go Grandma!)

Delta has put a lot of effort into product design. They’ve been known to hang out in people’s houses, observing how we interact with and, more importantly, how we subconsciously alter what we do given product limitations. Case in point, “messy chicken hands” sparked the Touch2O (pronounced two-oh) technology – and we are oh-so-grateful – check it out!

Delta-Chicken Hands!

Did they also note the “messy cookie hands”? Let’s see if they respond… :)

Delta- Cookie Hands!

Bonus- the “Arctic Stainless” finish cleans up perfectly and easily. It’s ideal for our busy/messy family life.

After I ( yes me, Plumb Like A Girl ), installed the faucet, we had to test it out of course. Here are some of the ways you can turn it on –

And here’s one way you can’t –

Delta-cat paw

We became Delta fans after being invited to participate in Delta’s 2013 Maker/DIY Blogger event in Indianapolis. They put on a great program (with awesome food) and we feel (full) compelled to share a few things about the company, because we’re considerably impressed (it was organic and local!).

  • Delta is a Good Company. Headquartered in Indianapolis, the employees we met had worked on average for 20-30 years for the company, it seems like they truly enjoy their jobs and that the company values its employees. Way to go Delta!
  • Delta is created in the USA. Delta faucets are created and hand finished in the USA. The design team can and do interact with the local people manufacturing their product.
  • They’re Going Green. Much of their packaging has been re-thought. There was no Styrofoam with our faucet; only recycled paper and a few small plastic bags. Delta is a WaterSense partner, recycles their brass, oil, plastic and cardboard. Many thanks from this tree hugger.
  • Easy Install. The installation process is being simplified; there’s a new installation connection for a few select styles that will mount from the top/deck of the counter (no more squeezing into the cabinet below!), plus the new instructions are primarily drawings with very little text (think IKEA – and how brilliant this is, pictures are a universal language with no need for pages of translations).
  • Innovative. Touch2O is a breakthrough technology that other companies have been quick to imitate. However, Delta has several patent protections in place so nothing works quite as well as their product. Be an informed consumer if you plan to purchase!
Delta- Learning to Install

Destiny, of A Place for Us Blog. See how happy she is as she installs that kitchen faucet –


A view of a few current collections – complete with bud vase –

The end of our stay included a tour of the design studio and new collections. I wish I could share with you my favorites, but I promised to keep mum. I can say that it was a fabulous presentation and that Delta has some exciting products coming – so stay tuned!

Disclaimer: Delta Faucet Company paid for my airfare and travel expenses for this trip. The opinions expressed are my own.

3 thoughts on “Our New Delta Faucet – Hands Free!

  1. What a great opportunity to participate in a roll out of new product. The kitchen is the make or break room in our search for a new home. So I will pay more attention to the faucet after reading your post. Thanks for all the review. The fact that they recycle and reduce packaging is important and meaningful to me too. I worked for one company for 25 years and I think that’s unheard of now. So that’s impressive too. PS. Your kitty has cute toes.

    • Packaging, the older I get the more I hate plastic, it’s getting to be an obsession! Seattle has a plastic bag fee of .05 each at the store if you forget to bring your own bag plus a ban on styrofoam take out containers. It’s so much better! We’re waiting for surrounding cities to jump on the bandwagon…
      We do love that faucet! I think it’s keeping us healthier this winter, the not having to touch it so much. Kids in school is like dipping them in a petri dish of colds and flu germs…one brings it home and everyone goes down in stages…

      • I like that idea of not styro take-out boxes. We just ate at an Italian place, the food was awesome but soooo much. We asked to take it home and got the old stryo. I said to Jim, next time, I’m bringing my own tupperware. Most places here do use paper boxes, these guys are behind.

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