This Plus That Equals: a Lamp

When we found this old car jack at Second Use, we weren’t even sure what it was – it just looked COOL! We thought it would make a great lamp base, so when this old utility clamp light came along, it seemed like a perfect match. This project was very simple, with no wiring except for adding a new plug.


Utility Clamp Lamp, free giveaway.



Old Jack Stand from Second Use, $4.



Funky Vintage Adjustable Table Lamp.

See more of Heidi’s artwork at Old Stuff. New Stories.

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13 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals: a Lamp

  1. OMG you girls inspire me to no end…. Thanks for the great ideas! I am looking for a lighting solution for a rustic shelves over workbench set up… will try to show you a picture when its done! PS… using my grandfather’s old workbench as my new “kitchen” counter! Hope to meet you all at the ReStore some day! Catherine

    • Thanks Catherine! We will look for you at REStore – you will have to wear a red carnation or something. :) Your counter from your grandfather’s workbench sounds very cool, so neat that you are re-using something dear to you. We would love to see pics of that and your workbench area. What are you thinking about for lighting?

      • …punching a few holes in the bottom of an old galvanized planter (8×30) and attaching it under the shelf with light bulbs hanging down for surface lighting that doesn’t glare in my face…. or tin work (ie brooder) lights… or ikea halogen inside the lids of mason jars….???? I’m off on a lighting adventure search Saturday… we’ll see what I find! (checking 2nd use, too…) Have a great weekend, gals! Looking forward to knowing you! (email address to send pics to?) ps… I’m the one with the 6 year (7) remodel still in progress…. and still here to tell you about it!!!!

  2. A very unexpected marriage of materials, but as usually it really works in the end. Is that pin adjustment is handy or what? My favourite lamp in your collection is the Map Lamp. I just have this ‘thing’ for vintage maps. I really like the colours. Where are you using your new ‘Jack’ lamp? Your projects are so sturdy, they’ll last forever.

    • Thanks Boomdee! The jack lamp sits on a table in our “library” – an open space at the top of the stairs. It seems to work really well there, it casts a nice warm light with the Edison vintage bulb. Yes, we should make some more map lamps – we bought a whole bunch of those geologic maps. It would be fun to try one with old metal embroidery hoops instead of wood. What I really should be doing though is painting the floors – I am putting that off for some reason. It probably won’t take that long once we start, but seems daunting. Maybe it’s moving all the furniture.

      Sounds like you had a wonderful trip in California! Welcome home!

      • I really fancy those Edison bulbs, where do you buy them? Painting the Floor? in a pattern? I guess I should wait for the reveal.

        Thanks for the ‘Welcome home’, had so much fun. The hubby leaves on a business trip to NYC Wednesday. My turn to kitty sit :D

        • Lowe’s has them, and I’ve also found them at our local Ace Hardware. They aren’t cheap – about $9….

          We are painting the old fir floors in our living room/dining room because they look terrible and have been painted in the past (with lead paint). When we did our remodel we ripped up the carpet and have been living with them ever since. We are slowly patching where the old heat registers were. No pattern though, just charcoal gray!

          Is it kitty sitting if it’s your own kitty? :)

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