Getting Ready For Winter

Wow, winter blew in this weekend with 25 knot winds and inches of rain! At least the garden is ready – we weeded, re-seeded for a winter garden, readied the cloche, and installed a copper border to keep the slugs and snails out…Hopefully we’ll have a healthy crop of mustard greens, mache, radishes, lacinato and the amazing “everlasting spinach” (think winter smoothies). :)


Then, completely unrelated, but really cool, we gathered pine cones for the curtain rod finials we plan to make (see tutorial here). Unfortunately they weren’t completely open yet. We decided to experiment and put them in a warm oven at 250 degrees, and see what would happen. Success! Within about 10 minutes they were perfect, with just the faintest whiff of cooked pine cone. (yum?)

We love pine cones, don’t you? What do you make with yours? I think we have an abundant supply!

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One thought on “Getting Ready For Winter

  1. The weather here is still pretty mild for October, we’re kind of surprised. It can go either way. Last year it snowed on Oct 4th I think and just kept coming. When I say mild, I mean sunny and 10 C (52 F)…it’s Canada ey?

    I didn’t know you could open pinecones in the oven, cool. I have to remember that trick. I used a couple of giant pine cones in my winter pots on the porch last Xmas but had to buy them as they don’t come that big round here.

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