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I needed a light for my workspace. I wanted to find a really awesome Pendant Light. I poked around online and found some that were amazing, but a little too expensive for me to handle. I had a very basic $17.00 IKEA pendant light left over from my kitchen update. $17-40.00 was more like my budget. But, it was so small and lacked any funk at all. Plus it looked like it belonged in a kitchen.

Original Ikea Pendant Light

I was hoping to snag an inexpensive, awesome, retro light from Second Use Building Materials or RE Store.

We all kept our eyes open over several days, weeks, months. Nothing seemed to show up. We looked at the itty-bitty IKEA kitchen light again and that day Heidi mentioned that she had just bought a wire basket on sale at Joanne’s Fabric that was a similar shape. What if we flipped it upside down?

Exciting. It worked and I love it…mostly. The original green color of the basket clashed with the rest of the space and in particular with the lime green wall.

So we decided to spray paint it a hammered steel color.  Yep, that color exists.

The hammered steel color worked better with the whole palette of the space. Those blue pieces of tape on the wall marked the pendant light height we were aiming for. I don’t want to hear a word about leaving that tape in the image Heidi. That goes for you too, Monica. Zip it! :)

Next Step: How to hang this wonderful $29.00 pendant light? The IKEA light did come with a cheap looking little-thingy-madoo to attach it to a ceiling. We had other projects going so we decided to keep our eyes open for something else. A thing of some sort. A way to hang it that had an industrial feel in some way.

While digging through baskets full of reclaimed hardware during one of our many trips to Second Use Building Materials, we spotted a ceramic insulated….thing… with a galvanized screw end. During that same trip, Heidi spotted another piece that she was sure we could use to hold the cord to the wall in some way. I trust her, so I decided to spend $1.00 on this experiment. We bought the two pieces for $6.00 along with some awesome HUGE casters. We’ll get to the casters in another post after we figure out what to do with them.

Using a stud finder tool we were able to locate a ceiling joist and it somehow was exactly where we wanted it. We seem to be lucky that way. We screwed the $5.00 ceramic insulator into the ceiling joist, first hot-gluing 2 large galvanized washers to the ceiling to create a finished look. The wall hardware experiment does a spectacular job of holding the new pendant light from landing on my head while I type out this post. It was worth the dollar.



he Humble Brag Supporting Habitat for Humanity

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8 thoughts on “Make a Home Office Pendant Light

  1. I love this! I have several baskets that I turned into pendant lights as well. This one is super cute! Thank you for the sweet comment on my barn door. I like your blog, and I’m going to follow ya. Take care_ Jodi

  2. You guys just slay me. Who the heck would think of using an upside-down wire basket? I just laugh at your description of parts, “A thing of some short”. I try and use a creative eye when I’m shopping thru the junk at this one antique stop. Their yard is usually full of rusty broken stuff but you really have to have a gift…and you most certainly do. I was actually just at Ikea last week too. I don’t go too often, but I scored a cart on casters for the craft room… my colour no less.

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