We sometimes have to introduce a bit of bright-color happiness into our yards, especially in Seattle, where summer doesn’t really get here until after July 4th. (Sometimes August 4th, but let’s not jinx it.)

For me, orange = happiness. Orange is sun, poppies, citrus, popsicles, and warmth.

I found a great orange from Benjamin Moore called “Aztec Brick” and re-painted our dark brown wooden garden furniture. Much better!

Welcome summer!


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8 thoughts on “Orange

  1. I don’t know how you do it but you seem to have the knack for choosing the exact perfect colour to complement each project. Or maybe just because I wouldn’t have picked orange but love how those turned out. Just the right amount of ‘POW’ in the garden. Did you have to sand them or anything first? I noticed you choose Benjamin Moore Paints quite a bit, I’m impressed they seem to have a paint for every different project.

    • I am lazy, I didn’t bother to sand them – I just wiped them down. The paint that was already on there wasn’t very shiny. I probably use Ben Moore because our little hardware store “Tweedy and Popp” carries it and it is only 3 blocks away, again, I am lazy. I do like their paint though. It isn’t cheap but seems to go on really well. I used that paint for our front and back doors about 5 years ago and it still looks great.

      p.s. why does the word “colour” look so much nicer with the English spelling?

      • Nice to support the locals, especially when they have great products.

        LOL, we used to just type color but now spell check auto corrects. I guess maybe it’s like velour, splendour, amour. That European vibe?

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