I’d like to buy a vowel for $65 please?

Everyone needs a really big letter in their house, don’t you agree?

Dave from Second Use agrees, look how excited he is. He had to climb a ladder AND stand on a refrigerator to get it down.

No, I don’t want the F.2ndUse_Dave

How about an A or a K?  A_K_2ndUse

I would like the A, please.A_2ndUse

Here it is at home, happily back-lit and glowing.

A_shelf_2 A_shelf

See more of Heidi’s artwork at Old Stuff. New Stories.

3 thoughts on “I’d like to buy a vowel for $65 please?

  1. Dang you find the most awesome flippin’ stuff!!! That totally rocks! I especially like how that A and K could note Alys and Kelly…hehe. It seems like the perfect spot for it too.

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