Hey, we won an award!

We are excited to say that last night we won “The Golden Prybar” award given by the DeCon ’13 Conference – sponsored by BMRA (Building Materials Reuse Association). The award was for Best of Show in presentation of projects showcasing the use of salvaged materials. It was one award among many, given to people who work in the deconstruction industry. It was fascinating to see the dedication of the individuals who work in this field.

Here’s our presentation board featuring some of our favorite projects using salvaged materials:


Here’s us winning the award:


Here’s us with that enviable Golden Prybar:


Here’s Monica drinking a beer:


And here’s Mary Jean wishing everyone peace:


A very cool side benefit was that the ceremony took place at the greenest building in the worldThe Bullitt Center. We didn’t have the full tour, but snapped some pictures of the some of the interesting architectural features. It is an amazing building that we are lucky to have here in Seattle.

17 thoughts on “Hey, we won an award!

  1. Congratulations ladies!! Good for you…….you work hard and it is always nice to be recognized for your effort AND for making a difference for our planet :-)

  2. Congratulations! A job well done and appreciated. All the work you do looks wonderful :) Was that a skirt you had on Mary Jean?

    • Thank you Barb! We were hoping the golden prybar was actual gold so we could melt it down into bars, sell it, and be rich. But we are thinking it is just gold spray paint on steel, darn.

    • IKR we always have really good beer in Seattle. Good beer, good coffee, good second hand stores (that’s where I got my skirt ;) – which leads me to my “how to tell a true Seattle-ite” theory – if you compliment a true Seattle-ite on their outfit, they will INEVITABLY tell you it was either on sale or secondhand! Maybe our frugal Norwegian heritage? Midwest transplants? Birkenstocks were HUGE here you know!

  3. Congrats! You guys are so great – every project so clever & results so beautiful.Once you’re done gazing at it, I’ll be waiting to see the post about the golden crowbar lamp…

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