Bathroom Design: Using Salvaged Materials


I bought this vintage utility sink years ago at Second Use Building Materials. We had been considering a second floor addition and weren’t 100% sure the remodel would actually happen. But then I fell in love with the sink and had to get it. So my argument for the remodel became “we have to do it, we already have the sink!”.

The addition eventually did happen and I finally got to use the sink.

The “before” picture:


Here are some pictures of the finished bathroom. Things to note:

  • Salvaged materials include: tile seconds from Second Use and Architerra NW, castors, sanded Fir flooring from our attic for shelving, planed and sanded/finished Fir from basement cladding for baseboard/door trim.
  • When we got the sink it came in an angle iron frame. It was rusty and a little thin, but the general design was cool. We modified it a bit, designed flanking cabinets to match, and had a local welder/artist build them.
  • The counter tops (and floors and shower walls) are d.i.y. Milestone, a decorative/pigmented hybridized cement. That was a wacky Hammer Like a Girl undertaking that we will never do on that scale again. Counter tops – completely do-able. Floors and shower walls – not so much. But we did it and I only cried once.
  • Speaking of crying, the day we set the tiles was 103°. (We reserved the wet saw and the husband took the day off work so we were determined to get it done.) Actually it was 103° outside and about 110° inside/upstairs. Sweaty.

If there is a moral of this story, I guess it would be: if you love something that is one-of-a-kind – even if you don’t quite know what to do with it – go ahead and buy it (if your significant-other will let you and you have room in your basement, that is.)

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5 thoughts on “Bathroom Design: Using Salvaged Materials

  1. It all looks great, I especially love the sink. Congratulations for incorporating something you saw, loved, bought, stored…..I have stuff that I have good intentions for, I hope I get half the planned projects done. It looks totally like an article out of a magazine!

    • This is my favorite bathroom ever, too bad it’s not in my house! I can completely relate to falling in love with a sink like that. I do have blood, sweat and tears into that milestone project too – one of the first tasks we took on. WHAT were we thinking?! ~ Monica (ps- any sunshine for you yet?)

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