Timberline Lodge Trip

A photo essay of a recent trip to the historic Timberline Lodge, Oregon

The Lodge

Architectural details – The Timberline Arch, an arch with a horizontal lintel. Due to the arches being made by hand in the 1930’s, each arch is a bit different from the others –

Architectural details – The carvings

And more Architectural details! – the ironwork and furniture

A bit of history –

What to do – besides skiing, swimming and hiking of course –

Timberline is a national treasure – if you have the chance you should GO!

3 thoughts on “Timberline Lodge Trip

  1. Thank you for the wonderful photo essay of our amazing Timberline Lodge. I’m so happy you took the time to really look at the details. It’s pretty unbelievable, isn’t it? I hope you got to travel the old scenic Columbia River Highway that takes you to Multnomah Falls Lodge and the magnificent Multnomah Falls, then on to Crown Point via numerous waterfalls and lovely forests. You’d be hard pressed to find anywhere more lovely than the Columbia River Gorge or Mt. Hood via “the loop.” Timberline Lodge is a true testament to what is possible when great minds come together.

    • I completely agree, it is so beautiful along that route! We couldn’t make “the loop” this time but we’ve visited parts before and will definitely be sharing them with our boys now that they can hike and tolerate the car rides! Multnomah Falls is remarkable, one of my favorites! Great minds and a great gift – the more I learned about it the more connected I felt to the people who labored to build it – this is a poor memory of a quote by the woman who headed the interior design, but it was something like “everyone has an artistic ability within them” and she felt that she proved it with her team of carpenters, metalworkers and seamstresses.

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