Tile Demo and Woodstove Removal

A few weeks ago we posted about our idea of painting our floor (From Ugly to Lovely: Painting a Floor, part 1) – and talked about scope creep. Part of the scope creep was dealing with the (ugly/inefficient) wood stove and the (ugly/toe-stubbing) hearth that was under the stove.

Well, there is no turning back now – yesterday we demo’d. It actually didn’t take very long – here’s what we did:

  • cleaned out and disconnected the wood stove, rolled it away on a dolly.
  • examined the tiled hearth and realized the tile was not installed directly on the floor, but inset into a galvanized metal tray – which we were able to pry up and move.
  • removed the metal sheet that was under the tray.
  • viciously removed the faux-brick-dyed-stamped-concrete hearth with tools of destruction (crowbar, wonder bar, chisel, hammer, sledgehammer), all while wearing protective eye wear (of course).

We also removed (a little more gently to not damage the plaster) the tiles on the wall behind the mantle. There has been a growing crack in the plaster wall right above the tile. We will repair that at the same time we repair the rest of the wall.

What bugged me for almost 20 years was gone in about 2 hours – thanks to my strong friends Monica and Mary Jean. It is so great to have all the extra space where the hearth and wood stove were. I’m liking the idea of the insert more and more.

Next steps: repair the plaster and figure out fireplace insert vs. wood stove so we can tile the new hearth. I’m thinking that will take longer than a couple of hours.

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5 thoughts on “Tile Demo and Woodstove Removal

  1. When you mentioned how you lived with something you disliked for so long and it only took 2 hours to remove I smiled because ‘been there/done that’. There were a couple of things we changed when we got ready to sell the house, like lighting. It was so easy I was wondering why I put up with bare bulbs for all those years. Looking good so far, man you are fearless!

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