Street Signs and My Attic Access

I’m on a kick to make my home more energy efficient. Yeah! First project – a better attic access door. Boring! Thank goodness I have 2 willing girlfriends to help me… and I must say it’s turning out to be anything but boring!

So we sketched out our plan, knocked a bigger hole in the wall (after verifying it was not structural), built a plywood door panel, applied insulation to the back of it and then…

ONE YEAR LATER! Back to work… We had plenty of time to think about it, ahem, and decided to experiment with our Seattle street signs. We’re not done yet, but we know what we’re doing – so that’s progress! We laid the door on the ground, ran a string parallel to the edges (so that when the plywood was covered up with signs, we could still see an outline of the door), and began to play with the sign layout. We were inspired by seamster’s super fab dresser revamp, plus he gave handy tips for working with old signs. We’ve been using our chop saw with the wood blade, and so far so good (easy!). Next we will finish fitting the signs, file the edges, install an industrial handle and surface mount some rusty hinges. Soon!!

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5 thoughts on “Street Signs and My Attic Access

  1. Lol! I was reading along and then suddenly these random pictures showed up…THEN I read the “one year later” :) We also do sculptures in the sand, but it generally ends up being an alligator…sometimes a mermaid with my 9 year old plopped in the middle! Can’t wait to see the final result with the signs!

  2. Alligator- that is good! We’ll give it a try next summer! Heidi just left (just now) after working some more on the door, still not done but it’s so fun to work with the signs. They are so malleable and the door doesn’t need to be perfect perfect because it’s in the kids loft – The next step will be to make sure that it’s air tight, which I think we have a pretty good plan for. Did you look at seamster’s dresser project? So cool! Thanks for commenting :)

  3. You kill me…yes, we all have these projects that take a year or so. LOL Dare I ask, what’s going on with the green glitter wigs? How’d you get all these street signs, are there empty posts and people driving in circles? Can’t wait to see what transpires.

    • :) Yes, and we are now eying the yield and child crossing signs… actually we found a City of Seattle surplus outlet and they sell the signs for $5 each, totally organized with lists online of what they have. (Pays to live in such a wired city). We love them but haven’t figured out a good use yet, thought maybe we could make magnetic boards but- alas- they’re aluminum. The door is looking so awesome, it should be done soon. We added a big chunky handle and fat hinges. The green wigs- one of my favorite pics! St Patrick’s Day shopping with our buddy Mary Jean. The boys have a great time with her (obviously she’s a goof!) and I love that they love her too. Have a great weekend!

      • Seattle is so ahead of the curve, bravo for you all. In Edmonton, we are lucky if they even mark the busiest intersections. My husband and I complain all the time and we usually know where we’re going, I really feel badly for out-of-towners, it’d be hopeless.
        Having a good weekend so far thanks, just got home from seeing ‘The Impossible’ with Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and some very talented youngsters. Very well done, a true story of one families ordeal. It’s about survival, hope, compassion and love…thumbs up and bring lot’s of Kleenex. :)

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