Mosaics Tile

I’m looking for backsplash ideas. After 7 years of living with an a-l-l-l-most finished kitchen, I think it’s time to finish it up…

I have an area in the kitchen that can stand alone and be different from the rest of the design, so my thoughts turned to mosaics – specifically those that re-use broken pottery or dishes (keeping up my Seattle eco cred). It’s a design idea that can easily turn tacky so I wanted to do a bit of research – see if I could find a few good examples. We found a great project at Bradner Gardens Park, Seattle, located inside the public restrooms!  Here are a few photos of these super creative mosaics in the women’s side – I think the boy’s side has spiders…

Kudos to the artists Joyce Moty, Liz Cross and Gyda Fossland!

tile for mosaics - bee tile for mosaics - butterfly tile for mosaics - cricket tile for mosaics - beetles

tile for mosaics - dragonfly

7 thoughts on “Mosaics Tile

  1. Some years ago I saw a mosaic backsplash that looked like a Tuscan landscape. Gorgeous but a lot of intensive, time consuming labor.

  2. Can’t wait to see what you do. Kudos to Seattle for making their public spaces so beautiful. We just flew thru a new section of the Edmonton International Airport and was keen to photograph a piece of mosaic art as we walked by. I plan a future post, but here’s a sneak peek. It’s an interpretation of the City of Edmonton, probably 20 feet tall and 40 ft long, glass buildings hover overhead, it was awesome

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