Gift Ideas – 11 Artists We Love

We spent an afternoon cruising the aisles of the Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle last weekend.

It was inspiring to meet so many talented people and to see their amazingly creative work. Plus we had some holiday shopping to do and there is nothing like handmade and/or local to counteract the frenzy going on all around this time of year.

Visit their sites by clicking on the photo, and even order some things if you likey, too :). We vouch for the quality of all that we’ve included in this post. Have fun surfing…we did.

craft- vases2craft- book binding2craft- walletcraft- ag mancraft- toyscraft- radios.craft- ostrich pillowcraft- soapcraft- letterpresscraft- robotcraft- guitar straps

5 thoughts on “Gift Ideas – 11 Artists We Love

  1. What a cool show, looks like a creative bunch. Unfortunately we get killed ordering abroad with duty and tax and gst. I didn’t get to look around that ‘Mod Radio’ too much. They have some cool radios on the homepage, but no links to anything except someones selling a MAC computer.

      • I’ve never figured it out..they have different duty and tax amounts for different stuff, I’m always shocked. Then they also charge GST, which is a Canadian thing. So it’s flippin’ outrages. We got married in Texas. We paid our photographer there and he mailed our photos home. I had to pay over $100 bucks in duty tax and GST to pick them up. urrrggg.
        Those Ipod players sound awesome!

  2. Hello, this is Jon from Mod Radio. Thanks for the including me among all these talented artists! It was nice meeting you at the show. Urban Craft Uprising was actually the public debut for Mod Radio. The show was amazing, sold almost everything I had. It was great to see and hear peoples reactions to the radios.

    I am in the process of building the website, so it is pretty bare bones at the moment. Feel free to check back in a couple weeks.

    • Awesome Jon. We’ll be sure to check back in a few weeks from now. Quality takes time :) and the whole website thing can be a challenge when you are first starting out.

      Keep it up and we were lucky to have met you. Cheers!

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