Embellish your IKEA chandelier

Here is an easy way to embellish a standard IKEA candelabra – suspend colorful, fused-glass pieces with wire from the frame.

This was a very simple project that was done by our school kids for the annual auction – isn’t it great?! (I can say that because I didn’t actually do it)  :)

Here’s What You Need:

  • Individual clear glass pieces – rectangular or other largish shapes
  • Small, colored, glass pieces for gluing onto the above
  • Optional – glass cutter and nipper if you need to cut the glass, PLUS eye protection!
  • Elmer’s Glue, thinned a bit with water
  • Inexpensive brushes for applying the glue
  • Thin wire for the hanger
  • Copper wire for attaching to the candelabra
  • Needle-nose pliers for shaping the wire
  • Access to a kiln for fusing (ask around your local shops)

Here’s What You Do:

  • Using thinned Elmer’s Glue, paint the back of the colored glass and stick (literally) it  onto the individual piece of clear glass. Overlapping is great!
  • The hanger attachment, bent wire – nothing fancy, is placed between a piece of colored glass and the clear, so that it can be fused solidly into place.
  • Fire the pieces in a kiln at a local glass art shop, or other
  • Attach with a few winds of copper wire onto the IKEA candle-abra (candelabra)/chandelier.

Cinchy, as they say!

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5 thoughts on “Embellish your IKEA chandelier

  1. How do you come up with these rad ideas? I didn’t know Elmers glue would hold glass. I bet that makes some pretty patterns on your wall when the sun shines in. Cool, very cool.

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