Gone Fishing

We are having a hard time keeping up our regular posting schedule during the summer. There is family, vacations, soccer, swimming, popsicles, raspberries, awesome weather and heck, we are in the pacific northwest…we gotta get out there when the getting is good! We’ll be back to our old selves when school swings back into session in September.

We hope you are having a good summer, too.

4 thoughts on “Gone Fishing

  1. Generally I try to get a good chunk of projects done in the summer when it isn’t so darn cold outside, but this year has been horrible for that…but great for my tan and mental health :) I haven’t had a large chunk of time all at once where I can start and finish anything. Oh well–fall is a nice time of year for woodworking and DIY projects too! See you once the school bells ring.

    • Thanks Kathy! I know, summer is so (too) short – especially in Seattle – so we need to get out while the getting is good! Hope to get out and pick blueberries tomorrow – that should be great!

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