Outdoor Pathway Ideas

We’ve been capturing photos of paths, stone walls, stairs and walkways that inspire, delight or absolutely impress us.

We’ll update this series as we collect more and more images. We are eager to see what you are finding and hear what you think, too.

Posted August 5, 2012

We found the above beautifully created path in a private Seattle garden. How did they do it? Isn’t it awesome?

Posted July 28, 2012

How easily do you think this path was to create and install? Likely more challenging than it appears and we’re certain anything begins to look intentional and beautiful once the plants start growing in. Double Dog Dare you to give it a whirl :)

Posted July 24, 2012

One doesn’t often find such nice manhole covers. Love the contrast between the geometric uniform cover design and the irregular cobble stones. And there seems to be something other than earth between the stones to prevent the weeds, grass and other things from growing. I kinda like things growing between stones, but in this case it looks amazing without.

We found this in England somewhere. Can’t quite remember where, but it explains the awesome manhole cover :)

Posted July 16th, 2012

What we do know is that making something look natural and beautifully haphazard is a challenging task. The irregular shapes and spaces becomes a puzzle project and can nearly drive a person crazy…until it, all of a sudden, works. It does take patience, and remember that once there is growth between the rock slabs/tiles it magically looks “happened upon” and natural.

We saw this example out at Marenakos Rock Center. If you decide to visit Marenakos or another rock center near you, be prepared to be wildly inspired and overwhelmed. There are so many beautiful options, examples and ideas. Have fun!

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3 thoughts on “Outdoor Pathway Ideas

  1. That looks very European to me, like a walk on a country estate. My brother made a cute path at their first house using a precast mold and quick set cement. It turns out looking like cobblestone. I was pretty impressed. What I thought would be good is you wouldn’t get weeds and grass growing thru it like a natural stone path set in gravel. Might be too uniform looking for some but I liked it.

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