DIY Arbor Fence

There was a rental house to the north of my house. The yard was weedy and overgrown or worn down depending on what was going on over there. I wanted to be able to walk to my backyard and gate without cringing. But, I didn’t want a “wall”.

This was the view of my house from the north.

I kept a photo library of fences and arbors that I liked. With those pictures close by and with the help of my pals we designed an arbor type fence for my front yard screen. The main idea was to make sure it had shape/dimension and use plantings to create a “soft” screen rather than an unneighborly wall.

The completed arbor before planting anything.

I used amber colored glass post caps and did not make it one continuous fence.

I hired a garden designer to help me select the trees/plants that would grow quickly, give that side of my house shape, provide at least a subtle screen and required little to no care. I ended up planting native vine maples, salal and sword ferns.

I really like this side of my house, now that the plantings have grown in a bit. It feels like a NW wonderland.

My backyard fence was falling apart and I did want some privacy back there. So, we used some of the character traits from the arbor design in the front yard and created a sculptured fence. I like the way this has some dimension, too. It’s not just a flat privacy wall.

My backyard fence was intended to create more privacy than the front yard arbor.

I have some planting to do back here, but I like what I have so far. We ended up digging nearly 20 post holes. Blisters formed, but we got really good at digging holes. Something I look forward to adding to my resume :)

Next, I’ll move on to my alley side fence. It is due to be replaced this summer. I haven’t told Heidi and Monica what the next project will be at my house, yet. I’ll prepare a special lunch to keep them smiling. I hope that will work.

3 thoughts on “DIY Arbor Fence

  1. WOW, that looks so great! It really is filing in fast. I know what it’s like to have a bad view, we also built a fence for the same reason at my old house and it was so fresh and clean when ever I walked out my back door! Great job.

    • Thanks for letting us know what you think. I’m looking for my post digger now. My blisters have healed so I’m gonna wrangle my pals to tackle my alley fence. It’s pretty darn ugly and rotting well. The possibilities are endless :) What could it become? Maybe I could integrate a little bench and shed roof of some sort. HMMMMMMmmmmmmmm??????

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