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We haven’t been doing very much work lately, it has been way too nice out and it is summertime! We spent a few days camping out with the kids in the beautiful San Juan Islands.

Beautiful sunny San Juan County Park, San Juan Islands, Washington. We saw a pod of Orca whales from the beach – so cool.

A fun thing we did to pass the time (without any electronic devices!) was a drawing game, rules made up on the spot. It was really fun and thought we’d share:

How to play:

  • A group of “Artists” (a group of 3+ people, each with paper and a marker)
  • Person 1 (Idea generator)
  • Person 2 (Guesser)

Person 1 comes up with a concept/idea for a drawing. Person 2 covers up his/her ears while Person 1 whispers the idea to the “artists”. With their eyes tightly closed, the artists illustrate the concept/idea. Then, when everyone is done with his/her creation, Person 2 guesses what the idea is.

When we played, the ideas by the “idea generator” got increasingly difficult and bizarre – the last one was “a mouse jumping through a hoop, standing on a small monkey, standing on a horse, standing on an elephant, standing on a ball”.

Here are some examples of some of more simple ones. Can you guess what they are?

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