Recycle all your Styrofoam at IKEA!

Look at what we just found! IKEA has this fabulous recycling station. It’s located inside the main garage, just outside customer service (can’t miss it). It’s FREE and accepts materials from other companies.

IKEA recycling station for customers! Styrofoam packing, bulbs, cardboard etc

Bulb recycling can be tricky to decipher– IKEA makes it easy by including drawings, text, and separate bins. Note: In Seattle they do NOT recycle the long fluorescent tubes… but they DO take broken bulbs (they really do love us).

LOTS of bulb options (but not long fluorescent tubes please!)

They make it easy to ID your bulbs, there’s even a slot for broken ones!

Recycle that styrofoam packaging!! I’m so happy, I’m tempted to pull it out of the neighbor’s garbage and take it to IKEA. Here’s an idea, volunteer to collect and deliver it for a small fee – for example: it could be a year long GREEN fundraiser for a school – a win, win, win :)

Happy styrofoam recyclers! At last, a place to take back your packaging – from any product, not just IKEA’s.

Large quantities can go next door, and please bag those packing peanuts.

I called the national IKEA customer service and they say they will accept all types of styrofoam. I’m skeptical, so am doing more research, probably next time I visit as I can’t seem to reach anyone via the phone. I’ll add more to this post when I have some details, but in the meantime I’m saving the awful styrofoam cups and to-go containers we ended up with last night – ugh, so glad Seattle has banned those!

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