Chicken Coop Design #1

Check out this chicken palace! One of my favorite set ups– so many good ideas here. This elevation shows the Dutch door which lets you toss in kitchen scraps/scratch without escaping chickens. The regular feed is also stored right where you need it, bungees over the tops of the cans keep out the other animals. Cinchy.

Isn’t this nice? Note how breaking up the roof-line makes it so much more attractive and interesting. A wisteria is starting to grow and bloom just to the right of the windows– it can probably grow across the entire structure in one summer! The corrugated plastic roof panels are a beautifully simple way to let in light and keep the hens dry, there’s a reason for the saying, “Mad as a wet hen”! The large blue doors allow for easy clean up of the roosting area and were designed to allow a wheelbarrow to fit just below them. Smart.

Small sliding doors controlled by line and pulley give the girls daytime access to the fenced yard and can be closed at night. The pulleys are accessed next to the person door shown in the first photo. Note the hen demonstrating proper use.

The owners re-used true divided light, single pane windows, which are (usually) readily available at salvage yards and moved an old dresser outside for added storage. I love this little space!

This is one happy bun! He gets to roam the entire roosting area and can retreat to his pen when he needs separation. Put a few eggs in the background and what famous bunny would you think of?? That’s right, that’s HIM.

A view from the center room (with the tdl windows and dresser) looking at the Easter Bunny, the dark blue door for access to the nesting boxes, and the person door to the roosting area. Plus a duck.

Isn’t this just great?!

Coming soon, city coop ideas–

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