Field Trip – Ideas are flowing

Old Seattle street lamp. Kitchen pendant light?

We are down one girl this week. Monica is out-of-town with her family. Heidi and I decided to go on a field trip to one of our favorite places. We needed some inspiration and just felt like roaming the aisles of ReStore.

There were so many interesting finds. We’ve included just a few of those we spotted. Of course these are all pre-transformed. These beauties may sit in our garages and basements for days, weeks, or years. But they are sure to turn into something amazing when “the idea” strikes. If you have ideas please pass them along. We are one girl down after all!

These door latches look so amazing together. What could we do with them?

This metal drum has to be transformed into something. It’s magnetic. We tested it.

Not the tubs. Notice what they are sitting upon? Warehouse carts or awesome coffee tables?

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