Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Photo courtesy of PCC Natural Markets

You may think this is a bit of a digression for Hammer Like a Girl, but IT’S NOT! Lunch together is one of our favorite things about this gig. We made these lettuce wraps last week and they were so amazing we wanted (just had to) share them. The recipe is here, along with a library of healthy meals and snacks. I love this website, it’s super user friendly and is a great resource. Just don’t ask me to pronounce Hoisin sauce.

HLAG (or HAG for those sarcastic/self deprecating souls like us) is fundamentally a way to connect with friends in this sometimes isolating and mad rush world of America. (Is it the same in other countries? We would be curious to know!) We highly recommend grabbing a few friends and tackling anything that draws you together, if you feel over-scheduled already try thinking of things that you may need to do regularly anyway: like grocery shopping/farmer’s markets, or gardening, or even housecleaning. Or, how about some fun stuff like visiting every museum in your town, movies, exercise, composting (my personal favorite), sampling every coffee shop…we just happen to like brainstorming/designing/remodeling houses. Then, once you’ve figured it out, girlfriends it will be time for lunch!

Do you have a regular get together with friends? Dish! We would love to hear about it :)

2 thoughts on “Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

  1. Ok, don’t judge me…I’m in a Bunco group! I’ve heard others say that makes us old ladies, but we are ending our second year together and it is a blast! We spend one evening a month drinking, eating, talking, and rolling dice. We enjoy each other enough that we added an occasional extra Sunday out and meet at a restaurant without the Bunco part. Who needs therapy when you’ve got girlfriends??!!

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