Plant tags from sticks!

All you need are sticks (8-10″), a potato peeler/knife, and a fine felt tip pen! Really, for the rest of your life this is all you are going to need – no plastic, no $$$ fancy tags, no disintegrating popsicle sticks…

A few tips:

  • Let the sticks dry out a bit before peeling
  • You can re-use these year to year– just peel again, and again, and again
  • Eat more veggies ;]

many thanks to Martha Stewart for the original idea!

7 thoughts on “Plant tags from sticks!

    • Thanks! It truly is one of my favorites, every yr I would have the same dilemma, I hated to buy any more plastic and I couldn’t bring myself to splurge on the metal tags- so I came away with nothing! Funny how life gets sometimes :) Hope your garden grows well.

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