Pesky Projects? Steal this idea.

You know how annoying all those pesky little projects are that remain on your “To-Do” list forever ’cause you really don’t want to do them anyway? Yes, they drive you crazy.

Here’s the solution. You and each of your friends (I have two) make a list of little things you’ve been wanting to get done. Then you help each other get them done in a swift and fun manner. POOF! Your To-Do list shrinks to near nothing in a day (or two).

Below is my CHECKED OFF, completed and mostly done pesky list.

1. Base Shoe:  Size, Cut and Install. I tore out all my base shoe moulding before I got my new kitchen floor installed. I got some new moulding and already had it painted and ready. I just didn’t install it….for 4 months. Once we sized and cut it the install took only about 1 hour. Heidi’s husband dared to lend us his nail gun and compressor. It worked great and wasn’t that scary to use. Really gratifying. After that came the thankless, but meditative job of caulking the edges, spackling the nail holes and paint touch up. CHECK!

Nail gun to attach base shoe to moulding

Base shoe - Before & After

New toe kick with base shoe attached.

2. Toe Kick:  Prime, Paint and Install Toe Kick, then Install Base Shoe. I had torn out the toe kicks below my existing cabinets when I got my Marmoleum floor installed, but hadn’t painted them yet to match the cabinets. CHECK!

3. Door Air Seal:  A cold draft came whistling up from my basement. The floor near the door was perpetually freezing cold. We installed a simple little hardware strip to reduce basement cold air draft. I had the strip for about 3 months, but hadn’t installed it. CHECK!

Door Air Seal – Blocks air when it is down, lifts to allow door to freely open.

4. Marmoleum Care:  I had the Marmoleum flooring installed almost 6 months ago. I purchased the flooring from Greenhome Solutions in the Freemont neighborhood. Cameron and Tess were great! I promised them I would clean the floor followed by the finish/seal right after install. I even purchased the special Forbo Marmoleum cleaning  products for the task before the install. I had the product. I just wasn’t excited about cleaning and sealing it – yuck. (Monica wasn’t too excited about reading the 3pt type directions on the back of the bottle.)  CHECK!

5. Chair Slides:  I got a new kitchen floor installed and I certainly didn’t want it getting all scratched up. I’d been gingerly moving my chairs by lifting and shifting them. No, no, no sliding. We finally searched out some test slide protector options. STILL ON THE LIST. RRrrrrrrr….nothing has worked, yet. I’ll find something. AND if you’ve had success with a particular product, please do not hesitate to pass it on.

You'd think one of these chair slides gizmos would work, but no.

6. Finish Trim:  I had a flip-up counter top installed by 4 Evergreen Fabricators. Travis ( did a fabulous job and had to do some tricky figuring-out with the install. He stuck with it and got it right. My counter top can fold down and away when not in use.

Perfect for my limited counter top kitchen. Can’t claim the idea, though. Our friend, Anita, had something similar installed in her kitchen. She tipped us off on the correct brackets to use. The counter top material, install and special flip-up was more expensive than I anticipated so to save some money I decided to finish the edges off myself. That was almost 4 months ago, now. This annoying little project consisted of miter cutting screen molding to wrap and hide the exposed edge of the plywood mount, sanding and painting it all to match the cabinet. CHECK!

Installing the last little trim piece on the exposed edge of the plywood mount.

Trim, completed!

Thanks Heidi and Monica. My list would still be pesky without you! Now on to your houses. Let’s get it done!

8 thoughts on “Pesky Projects? Steal this idea.

  1. I’m just relieved “marmoleum” isn’t where you place your beloved dead Marmot. But now I have a problem.. “fluffy” was like a member of the family.. :)

  2. Chair pads that stop floor scuffs…annoying because those felt pads always come off. I ended up getting black rubber stopper looking things at Lowes in the same aisle. They slide over the chair legs, are rather ugly, but do the job. Someone needs to come up with something better. My floors are getting nicked up.

    • Thanks for taking the time to reply and offer a suggestion! We know what you mean. It seems like the choices are ugly and protected or suffer with the floor scuff/scratching. We’ll continue to investigate, try out and perhaps invent a solution. You’ll be the first to know when we land the idea! Cheers!

  3. Same concern when I put in new flooring, that the furniture legs would dig in on the smallest amount of grit getting underneath. I used the taupe felt pads you have in your photo and have had no problem with them coming off. Maybe the bottom of the chair legs need to be brushed off first. One ugly though, they collect dust off the broom and you have to pluck the dust bunnies off them as they collect and get ugly.

  4. ps – if the felt pads are coming off because the floor surface is not smooth, you’ll need to use teflon glides. I use them on the heavier furniture – not suitable for upholstered furniture as it tends to slide (away) when people push off to get off the chairs/couch.

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