Canvas Work Apron

For Christmas, my 13 year old daughter made me my very own Hammer Like a Girl work apron with our logo! It is great – made from really heavy canvas, includes pockets, a hammer loop, and most unique of all, a sewn-in magnet to hold random nails. Genius! We are thinking that we should make these and sell them through our blog (giving the creator a cut of the profits of course). What do you think – would you buy one?

See more of Heidi’s artwork at Old Stuff. New Stories.

7 thoughts on “Canvas Work Apron

  1. Pretty cool though the placement of the magnet for the nails is a bit scary…..I wouldn’t want to crouch or bend over and get stuck by a nail. I think the bottom corner would be a better place to put them :-) (hope you don’t mind me saying…)

    • Hi Ruth, Sorry for the delayed response! You have a good point about the magnet placement, we are going to make more of those little work aprons so we’ll have to think about that. I used the apron the other day while attaching a bunch of bolt/washers, and it worked great, I didn’t have to dig around for the washers. Thanks for following us, good luck with your blog!!

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