Make a Bookshelf

  • Found these wire swimming pool locker baskets and old side light at ReStore, the great architectural salvage non-profit in Ballard.
  • Used some basic cool looking screws and washers from the local hardware store and POOF you have yourself a fabulous book shelf, case, holder thingy.
  • I should probably attach this to the wall in case of an earthquake.  You know it is going to happen in Seattle some time, right?

Wire Basket Bookshelf

5 thoughts on “Make a Bookshelf

    • Thanks for your comment and question. The baskets are actually attached to a reclaimed sidelight. You’ll see those installed next to a front door. Their function is only to allow more light to enter a space. I found mine at ReStore. But, you could use a ladder. Good idea! We’d recommend going for a reclaimed one, of course ;)
      We’ll be sure to add “saving money” to our future tags. A majority of the content we’ve posted on our blog is about “saving money” without sacrificing design. Thanks again for responding. It let’s us know we aren’t just yacking at ourselves. Cheers!

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